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Taking Rest to Get Fast

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Quiet day at the office today after taking the morning away from rowing.  We’ve got the weekend off from racing and after some good, challenging sessions Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday the team has earned and needs a break before our last Saturday practice of the year.

Every workout is a load on the body and there’s plenty of non-rowing loads that go into this as well.  School, personal life, lack of sleep, nutrition, injury, illnesses; all of these are factors that affect recovery.  So while a basic workout- say, 5x1k at race pace- might be the perfect workload for one athlete, for another athlete who’s buried under schoolwork or recovering from illness it could be the final straw to push them into staleness or over-training.  Athletes who are tired and not recovering from workouts stop improving, which is entirely counterproductive!

As coaches we have to make the judgment based on the state of each athlete as well as the state of the whole group.   I try to communicate to the individuals as well as looking for visual cues: how many folks are joking around, how many people look exhausted and beat up. Sometimes it’s best to have just one person sit out.  Yesterday, looking at everyone’s faces after a hard race pace workout, it was clear that we’d achieved the goal of a really solid session and that the group as a whole needed recovery.  So today we all slept in, everyone’s assigned an easy 45 minute steady session on their own, and it’s a perfect chance for the team to catch up on homework and me to catch up on work.

The best part is that we’ve got the weekend off tomorrow and folks should be ready to rumble again.  By taking a day away we get a better, sharper, more effective practice.  We’ll be able to push the intensity up and make sure what we do tomorrow will drive the adaptations that will get us a little bit more speed come race day.  Next week I’ll be watching folks very closely; less is more as you get closer to the big races.

A week to go until conference, this time next week I’ll be on the road to Lake Stevens.

Dexter in Photos

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Another great day for Pioneer Crew.  Three wins (Men’s V8+, Women’s V4+, Women’s Open Pair) plenty of great races, lots of good teamwork and good laughs.  Sunshine, fairly flat water, and taking on (literally) the best crew in the country.

Read all about it.

Or just check out the photos, thanks as always to Team Manager Sarah Lomas.

(edited Monday morning with more pictures!)

Ready for Dexter

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Great row this AM (women’s 1V8 kicking out 15 at base rate above) and a great load of the trailer as well.  I love this time of year.  All the kinks are worked out and we’re getting the vibe and turning up the intensity.  The boats move well, we’re polishing around the edges, and the team knows what to do.  We loaded ten boats on the trailer today in no time at all.

Dexter is looking to be a big race this year.  The Washington/Oregon State men are doing their dual meet at lunchtime, and our guys have stepped up to the plate to race them in the Men’s Championship four.  Washington, Oregon State, Lewis & Clark.  It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Results will be updated at about ten minutes after the finish of each race.

Invite in Photos

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Exhausted late Saturday night.  What a great day, what a great group of athletes and coaches.  Too tired to post many words, so here are a bunch of photos from Sarah Lomas.

Daffodil Cup!

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The trailer back at Oaks

And spring break is done!  Enjoying a lazy Sunday morning after a great Daffodil Cup.  Two wins (the Men’s Varsity 8+ and Women’s 1V4+), plenty of good rows, and some lessons learned that should help us direct the four-week buildup to our Conference Championships.

The team discussion post-race was focused on the next steps.  Success at Conference, WIRA, and possibly beyond has everything to do with how we transition from the Spring Break back into our academic schedule.  Every team out there is going through the same transition, and every team wants to be successful.  In order to achieve our goals, progress more then others, and build into the races we think we’re capable of, we need to take solid steps to get back into a regular rhythm of classes and practices.

We’re doing well right now, and geting closer to very, very good.  Now the goal turns to linking good practices together, day in and day out, and maximizing our improvement.

Spring Break!

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First three practices of our six allotted in the books; getting some good practices together and we’re starting to really focus in on racing this weekend.  Lots of switches the last two days as we try to finalize the lineups on the women’s side.  Looking forward to getting boats out in their lineups tomorrow and lighting up some shorter pieces- 650-750m, full gas, go go.

While I think forward to that, here’s some pictures Sarah Lomas took the last couple days from the launch.  You’ll notice something unusual: there is no rain in these pictures.  I’m not sure what to think, but I know I like it.