All Together

Monday, 6:15 AM, into the erg room for the first workout of week two.  One of the themes we’re working on with the women’s team this year is “all together”- crew is, after all, in no way an individual sport.  We succeed and fail as a team.  With that in mind, and looking to spice up our indoor training, I re-arranged the erg room with the help of a couple of the Varsity men and novices Friday.  The erg room now has three rows of three ergs on sliders, plus another row of two and a single in the corner, allowing for plenty of flexibility with different numbers.

The short video above is one of our warm-up tens; you can see the rhythm isn’t quite there yet.  The team kept at it, though, and as we went through our eight minute pieces it got more and more solid and I think we started to see the benefit of pushing together, something I’m hoping will translate directly back to the boat.

The women are back on the water Tuesday afternoon, the men are out this evening for their Monday row.  The weather seems to have shifted and it’s cool and rainy again but with that we loose the boat traffic and the river is perfect right now.  Looking forward to getting back out there.


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