Smackdown, then Cali

Pioneer Women's 1V8 racing in the rain.

Man, the weeks do fly by these days.

Last Saturday we hosted the “Stumptown Smack Down”, an informal and impromptu race on the river.  We’re fortunate to be part of a strong and vibrant rowing community, and got together with several local clubs, both masters and juniors, to do some 1000 meter pieces.  A good intro to racing for our athletes, and also some competitive pieces for our top boats.

This week has been. . . interesting.  Dark (after the daylight savings time change), wet (wow!), and lots of academic pressures on the athletes.  We’ve managed to get a few good practices in despite all that, and I know the team is looking forward to some time off– four days of rest, regeneration, and free time before we reconvene Tuesday to start our spring break sessions.

EXCEPT. . . for the women’s varsity boat, who are jumping on a plane tomorrow to head down to Oakland.  We’ll get a chance to race Mills College, who are being most awesome hosts to us, and a boat from University of California. . . I suspect not their varsity, but regardless it should be a good challenge!

Wish I could say we were going to sunshine and gorgeous weather, but rain & high winds are forecast. . . of course.  If anyone has a hand on the weather dial, please crank to “nice” soonest. . . plus side?  We’re on the water.  We could be back East, with lakes frozen and rivers flooding.


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