One of my favorite parts in coaching is watching, and hopefully helping, athletes make a breakthrough to the next level of performance.  Small gains happen often, but those big breakthroughs are harder to find and not always predictable, when they happen it’s always really exciting.  I’m a big believer that no matter how much you try to make it so, progress is non-linear; everyone advances at different rates and folks sometimes plateau for a time while others leap ahead.  That’s sport, that’s life, and that’s the nature of things– but it makes those big breakthrough days really special.

This morning’s erg saw a few really awesome breakthroughs from members of the women’s team.  Really exciting because they happened through the whole team- from our fastest folks down through some of our newest novices.  Got me all jazzed up and I’m super-stoked for the rest of the week.

Only one day of (scheduled) erging left, then we become a 100% rowing program (weather permitting)!


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