Into Week Three!

Headed for Holgate Channel in the chop.

Some craziness Saturday with very strong, un-forecast winds and tons of fishermen out.  That said it was still a productive and useful practice and even bashing through whitecaps and wakes I saw some rowing that got me really, really excited for this coming week.  The theme continues to be Anchoring the Blade and Pushing the Legs and we’re going to work that till’ we get it right!

Two eights in the Ross Island Lagoon

We spent a good chunk of our practice in the Ross Island Lagoon Saturday, an area we often avoid to stay out of the way of barge traffic.  But Saturday they weren’t operating, and we were able to find much better-then-average water in the lagoon and continue working on our technical rowing, along with doing some work to calibrate our speedcoaches.  Cool to be in a big, industrial work zone on our usually nature-rich river, and to see that despite all the heavy machinery the Bald Eagles are still nesting there.

Men's Eight, headed home.

Also good for me to see the men’s team on Saturday; the schedules that seem to work best for both squad have been opposite of late and it was nice to catch a glimpse of how they’re doing.  They look good- strong, technical, and working hard to build up some of their new athletes to help the top end speed.  They should be a real threat in the conference again; very exciting!

Looking to get three good rows in at the start of this week with possible snow (whaaaaa?) forecast for Thursday/Friday this week.  That said- NOAA has called for snow several times this winter and it hasn’t happened.  So we’ll see.


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