Note to Self

Practice this morning was a struggle, for everyone it seemed.  We had a few people sick, a couple slept in.  It was cold (very cold!), and the fishermen were out in force giving us wakes every five to ten strokes.  And it is the end of week two, when the freshness and excitement of starting the season starts to fade into the repetition of getting the work done.

Not all bad- we did row 12-13k, we did do some fairly solid work, and we made some technical changes.  But I left the practice feeling like we, and more importantly I, could do better.

So, note to self: take more time to prepare the crews for the practice to come.  Be more patient.  And work harder to be more aware of the environment we’re in so we don’t end up having to scramble back to the dock.

Early season yet, we have time to perfect all of the above.  I have a desire to work each practice to get every last bit of speed out of the crews; at the same time it is important to roll with the circumstances and challenges as they come.


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