First Day Photo on Day Four

Practice Monday afternoon- photo by Sarah Lomas!

Hey, it’s Thursday evening already. . . wow. . . where did time go?

Well, great practice Monday afternoon, AWESOME 5k ergo– probably the best single erg session I’ve coached at Lewis & Clark, and looking forward to next week to see if we can top that– on Tuesday, even more excellent row yesterday, and then fogged off (FREEZING fog) this morning but got a nice workout in on campus.  Woof.

Men did a 6k/1′ test Monday, had two good rows Tuesday and Wednesday morning, and were back on them ergs this morning for another solid session.

Overall. . . my lord, the vibe is fun.  What else do you say?  Again, big roster numbers are part of it but also just great attitudes, a sense of fun and excitement, and a real ambition to perform well this year.  The whole thing makes my job so very easy. . .

Time for dinner, and shortly after that bed– I get to go to practice twice tomorrow.  And yes, I mean I get to- it’s a privilege and a pleasure. . . what a great job.


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