Sense of Perspective

Four days to go to the start of the season, and word on campus from several Pioneer Rowers is that the erg room is so crowded that when one athlete finishes a piece, they loose their erg.  The ergs in Pamplin Lobby have been humming as well; I teach a spinning class Teus/Thurs and every time there’s someone doing an erg workout, heard them whirring again last night as I was leaving.  Never, in the last five seasons of coaching at Lewis & Clark, have I seen this many people, this enthused about training.

The numbers.  The numbers contribute to everything here; a year ago we were halfway through our first week, we had eleven men and fifteen women on the roster.  Today, with four days to go (we’re a week later since we traveled to Seattle to race this fall) we have twenty one men and thirty women.  More people are training, I think, in large part because we have more people.  There’s a palatable sense of enthusiasm and excitement.  A good endurance coach once said; “enthusiasm trumps fitness every time”.  I think we may be going into spring 2011 rich with both.

I’m ready, I’m fired up, and a little bit impatient.  Let’s go.


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