High Water & Heat Lamps

Late December at Oaks Park is very quiet.  I head over there daily for between thirty minutes and an hour, working steadily on fixing boats.  Each bit of work (sanding, prep, fiberglass or bondo) takes a bit of time, then if the weather permits I’ll walk around the park or down to the dock for a bit to get some fresh air.  Here’s a bit of a short photo essay from today.

Happy New Year to all from Pioneer Crew!  Looking forward to the Spring 2011 campaign.

The river is high, cold, and moving fast. The water is right to the base of the ramp.

Cold temps in the boathouse mean heat lamps to try to get the fiberglass resin to kick. Also to keep my hands warm.

Empty parking lot at Oaks, except for our trailer- ready for the 2011 season.

Cold weather today, with snow, hail, and rain all mixed. Until I got up to campus, and then the sun came out- for a little while.



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