December under the weather.

Updated Erg Room- lots of slides!

Long time off the mike; been plugging away in the office but not feeling the writing vibe.  In many ways this is the slowest time of year.  Big projects right now?  FUNdraising; our athletes are sending out bunches and bunches of letters to friends and family to try to get the money to take an awesome spring break trip.  Clothing orders; getting ready for a big changeover to new tanks and unisuits this spring.  And putting off going to the boathouse, where there are about five repair projects that I have till’ February 7th to complete.  Easy enough. . . as long as I get started sometime fairly soon here.

Two things to report from the past few weeks. . .

Great community service project back in mid-November; we traveled out to Zenger Farm and helped them clear a new plot of ground that will be used for a community garden.  The food grown in the garden will go directly back to the local community, helping folks have low-cost access to fresh, healthy food.  We were blessed with awesome weather and I don’t think anyone can tear into a patch of blackberries like a motivated group of rowers.

And the week after Thanksgiving Jim and I met a truck with our new load of C2 Sliders; we’ve converted our erg room into an all-slides, all the time facility.  Why?  Well, I want the ergs to reflect what we’re trying to achieve in the boat– good technique combined with substantial power output.  The sliders reward good technique and let us row at ratings closer to those we’d do on the water.  There’s also some evidence out there that the sliders may reduce injuries; personally I enjoy erging on sliders then on the static machine.

It’s reading period on campus right now and raining HARD.  The gym is rocking, though, with the annual dodgeball tournament and SAAC garage sale.  Folks seem to be having a great time.  For me, it’s time to dive back into the spring training spreadsheet and continue to plan each and every day of the spring season.  I can tell you right now what we’ll be doing on Tuesday, February 15th, or on Friday, March 25th.  Lots of massaging still needed to make sure every session is purposeful and deliberately directed.


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