That’s what it feels like these days. . . each day goes “WOOSH” and it’s gone.  Morning practices are a half memory of dark shadows and individual rowers surprised in the light of my headlamp, afternoons are energetic and swap between learning, breakthroughs, and frustration as we keep adding more skill to the novice boats.

Fall Classic was great.  I can honestly say that everyone had a good RACE. . . the row back, now, that’s another story. . . long rows when tired are best attempted only by the good crews.

Worlds is on down in New Zealand.  Lewis & Clark Alum, Abby Brougton, got bumped to the B final of the LW2x. . . even when you’re the favorite racing can be ruthless.  She’ll take another shot in the LW4x and I’m sure that her double will go to the line for the B final with a big fire in their belly.

One of my favorite parts of worlds is the practice reels from Row2k.  I love watching what international crews are doing and then trying to replicate it with our team.  Here’s the clip, and my notes to the Women’s squad from this morning. . .

“Good practice video from worlds up today, in particular look at the following boats:

Dutch women from :10 to :20 or so. . . first boat up. . . really super smooth, really super relaxed, and getting a ton of length by letting the blade fall into the water w/o grabbing at it. NICE.

USA Women from 2:45 to 3:50 or so. Great length again, and look at the rhythm– PUSH then swing and it continues around the finish. Maybe a bit more exaggerated hands away then I like but it works for them. . . as they come past the camera so you can see them from the side compare the speed of their recovery to the speed of the boat. Perfect.

I also think the US women do a great job of the ‘long outside arm, soft inside arm’ concept: all the length is coming from their outside arm. . . really nice hang.

The dude from 4:10-4:15. What’s his problem?”


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