Into Darkness

It’s officially dark from beginning to end of practice now.  We’re deep into the fall; next week is the time change, and our last week of fall rowing, and I’m looking forward to seeing the crews again for at least a little while.  Right now we work with a combination of city lights, a spot headlamp, and lots of talk about feel– trying to convey speed by communicating to the crew what each change should do to the sensation of rowing.

Dedication comes into play strongly now.  Our athletes are working through midterms, illness, and the daily challenge of rising early.  Passion for the team, a desire for results, and a commitment to getting the work done keeps folks coming down.  On the days I’m tired it’s the enthusiasm of our athletes that keeps me engaged.

Excellent scrimmage against Puget Sound last week.  No results were kept, as is the way scrimmages should work, but I can safely say we impressed and maybe even surprised some folks.  I’m hoping we can do the same again this coming Sunday at the Portland Fall Classic; the event is still growing (1300 participants this year!) and we’re expecting full fields of competition for most of our crews.  Looking forward to it.


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