Perfect Practice

Not this morning. . . but this morning was a lot like this!

Got one of those special mornings today.  Dark, but we found great flat water and I saw seven shooting stars.  Two eights out, and a good vibe as they worked off each other.  A high level of focus in both boats and the drills flowed into the rowing in the way they’re supposed to– it’s great fun to watch folks improve what we’re working on right now (length, length, length. . . and timing).  Finished things off with a 2.5k downsteam head race piece as the sun came up and it got tremendously beautiful.

We talked a lot today about “perfect practice”– not in the sense of how good it was, but in the sense that it’s not just repetition that causes improvement.  If you do something over and over it will become habit, right or wrong.  What we worked on today was reinforcing the change: perfect practice makes perfect.

Two scrimmages last week, against Rose City’s varsity boat and against the Division I crew from Oregon State, and another on the schedule for Saturday against Puget Sound.  All good learning opportunities and I can feel the shift into ‘competition mode’.  The team has bought into the idea of better competition this fall as a way to develop us into a more competitive team this spring, and I’m enjoying being along for the ride.


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