Push the Legs!

Writing from behind a closed office door on fall break.  Both of my last coaching gigs have involved very nice offices, with one caveat- the first was next door to an erg room, this one is next door to a swimming pool.  Populations of both areas find that playing the best (worst?) of pop music, at top volume, repeatedly, is a necessary part of life.  Usually I keep the office door open to encourage folks to stop by– today, with pretty much everyone off campus, the door is closed, I’m chilling with OPBMusic, and I can get some quality work done on practice plans for the next few weeks.

Good row today, a little light on numbers, as many have already left for the long weekend, but nonetheless some great strokes.  I’m starting to see our sophmores make the breakthroughs that will help them make the jump  from talented novices to skilled varsity contributors, and seeing this years’ novices grow more confident in their ability to make boats move confidently.

A little video from today’s session, taken with my small camera in flat light. . . check out the double in the foreground.  Personally very proud of these two; we just taught the stroke how to scull about four weeks ago and now she’s rocking it.  Awesome stuff, and a confirmation of the power of learning all aspects of rowing.


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