Mixed up Saturday

Saturday was a day for bringing the groups together.  The women’s team met early early (the walk for MS out of Oaks Park this weekend meant we needed to be done by 9:00 AM) with all the varsity and novice down.  We mixed the groups and sent three eights on the water; the first time in quite a while L&C has been able to boat up such a large group of women.  Better then the numbers was the focus, the excitement, and the learning going on– I told the novice that one good day of rowing with a varsity crew should equal about a week of novice practice!

The men’s team met in the early afternoon at Rose City Rowing, who generously lent us the use of their barge.  A great opportunity for Jim to take the guys out and work on many small details; by eliminating the variable of set the barge can be a solid platform for making big changes.

Short week coming up- we have Fall Break Thursday & Friday.  We’ll practice Monday through Wednesday, squeeze one in Thursday morning, and then have a few days off to rest and regroup.

One more picture for the road- Jim Friday morning with the men’s v8+.


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