Novices Heating Up

Odd fall weather here in Portland; just got back from our Tuesday morning practice where it was 65 degrees and very humid.  One of our seniors commented that it was the warmest morning practice she’d ever experienced; I think that’s very possible.  Still a great workout with the squad going a little further each day and starting to generate some really solid run at 16-18; right where we want to be right now.

Pictures today from the novice practice yesterday afternoon; speaking of hot it was well into the 80’s and again quite humid.  The novice women’s eight made some serious gains; with a brand new person in the boat we managed to get up to all eight by the end of practice.  Still pretty rough around the edges and not quite at the ‘everyone exactly together’ stage, but it was a nice challenge to keep the rhythm and keep the boat moving.

My schedule right now offers a lot of opportunities for coaching creativity; I work on the water with the varsity women four days a week, three days with the novices (men and women), two days with the sculling course, and one day with the varsity men.  Each group requires different inputs and each group has strengths and challenges.  It’s great fun to take what’s in front of you and look to bring it along to the next level, and also fascinating to find ideas that stick with one group and apply them to another.  I’m working hard at keeping an open, fresh mind for each practice and seeing both how much I can teach, and how much I can learn.


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