Sit Ready. . .

The boathouse Saturday evening.

This is it- final day before we start off the Fall season, and more broadly the 2010-2011 campaign.  The last week has been a whirlwind of activity but today is a nice breath of air before we launch; I’m very ready to get going.

Thursday and Friday we had all the athletes, both returning and new novice, come down to the boathouse and help us rig, wash, and prepare all the boats and oars.  Unfortunately for me I wasn’t able to be there Friday (the day of the big turnout) as I was down in the Bay Area recruiting.  The upside was that I got to see two great programs and have some really excellent conversations with prospective student-athletes.  I love seeing the excitement of high school seniors as they think about rowing in college– we’re not going to be the right fit for every athlete but I made some good connections this weekend and am looking forward to seeing some of those folks again!

My flight back got in mid-afternoon and despite rain I dropped off my bag, had an apple, and rolled the bike out for a ride– great to loosen up after travel and Portland has never felt more like home; rich, green, damp.  Rode up to Mt. Tabor for a misty view of the city and then swung by the boathouse on the way home to check out the work that had been done.  I love seeing the boathouse after the pre-season work party– clean, functional, ready.

To all our athletes; get rest tonight, take a deep breath, and let’s show up tomorrow morning ready to have an amazing season.  I’m excited to get started.


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