One week to go!

Racing on the river last spring.

One week from today and we can get back to what we like doing best; taking our crews out on the river and pushing them to be as good as they can be!  I’m still a bit discombobulated as we’ve got an extra week before starting this year; usually this would be week one.  I’m feeling both ahead and behind.

Lots of work on getting folks cleared this week; we have a total of fifty-eight experienced rowers and interested novice currently on the rolls for this fall– that’s a lot of paperwork!  Physicals, NCAA paperwork, concussion training (don’t ask), swim tests, driving clearance. . . all required elements by the NCAA, the school, and our risk management program.  As I tell folks– I really wish we could just cruise down to the boathouse and get started, but we live in the real world.

Interspersed with that are recruiting trips; visited Sammamish Rowing last Friday and I’ll be at Rose City Rowing, Oakland Strokes, and Pacific Rowing Club this week.  I like getting in some of these visits prior to starting the season– helps to ‘prime the eye’ and it’s really fun to share our enthusiasm with prospective student-athletes and get them more excited about Lewis & Clark!


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