Lots of time in the boathouse this week, sweating in the rising afternoon heat while feverishly hand-sanding to get the hull back to smooth.  As I’ve mentioned before summer is the time for boat repairs.  Stripping away bits of hull to find the core of the damage, putting on new layers of carbon fiber, sand, body filler, sand, maybe again, sand, then paint and buff the hull- it’s part of the rhythm of life in the boathouse this time of year.  I’ve been taking a lot of pride in making sure our boats are in great shape; the craftsmanship involved is very satisfying.  As I told a prospect today; we may not have the newest equipment, but I work to make sure the equipment we have is well cared for.

Speaking of prospects, I had two awesome visits today with folks checking out Lewis & Clark.  For whatever reason we seem to be getting more attention this summer- I love it.  Like the repairs, peeling back the layers of our program and laying them out for young athletes is deeply satisfying.  I enjoy explaining not just what we do, but why, and trying to paint the picture of what our program is and where we’d like to see it go.

I’m overdue to write a post about the summer racing one of our athletes, Luke Epain, has been doing in France.  Monday for sure- check back.


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