Bon Voyage to Lincoln. . .

So I’ve been trying to word this right, but in the end it’s just appropriate to say what comes naturally.

For the last four years I’ve had the great privilege of working with one Lincoln LaRoe, who’s taken on the role of men’s coach here at Lewis & Clark with gusto.  Particularly in the last two years, with the growth of the Wolf Pack and both of us settling into our rhythm here at Lewis & Clark, we’ve had a ton of fun.  Lincoln has taught me a lot about coaching, about rowing, and about rigging and boat repair; the best mark of a great assistant coach is when he’s teaching the head coach new tricks.

Lincoln has accepted a full-time coaching gig at Clemson University starting in just a few days- a great opportunity for him and one I’m not sure I would have turned down personally.  I wish him all the best and I know he’ll be missed by the guys.

I’m excited, though, as we continue to move forward getting ready for next year- Jim Hilsentager, who’s worked in just about every assistant coaching capacity here at Lewis & Clark since 2002, has agreed to step up to take the men’s program on for the coming year.  He’s done it before- the last time he had the guys, in 2005, he nearly snagged a win at the conference championship and produced some really solid performances.  I’m looking forward to seeing what he does with the Wolf Pack.

So Bon Voyage, Lincoln, and may you have smooth waters at Clemson. . . we’ll see you on the circuit.

Lincoln in the launch this year- another shot by Remy Neymarc


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