June part deux.

June 15th; middle of the month.  Rowed again yesterday; did 13.3k in a single and acquired seven new blisters for my time.  I understand that if you take time off this sort of things happens.  Body is less sore today then I expected, though . . . going out again tomorrow.

Thinking over some ways to measure both the training volume and the efficiency of our practices when we start back in the fall.  We’re limited on the overall time we have to use- we generally have two hours from when the vans arrive at boathouse to when the vans need to leave.  We need to fit everything we want to do into those two hours, so how do you measure if it was an efficient practice or not?  I have three thoughts so far- time we start rowing (to account for how effective we are getting on the water), total time rowing (not stopped!), and total distance rowed.  If we see all those improve we’ll be wasting less time and rowing more.

The Northwest Conference Scholar Athlete list is out and we don’t have a single athlete on it.  That’s because the NWC doesn’t sponsor men’s or women’s rowing.  One of our administrators was kind enough to run our athletes and compare. . . if we DID have rowing athletes on the list three of our men and seven of our women would have been named.  Awesomely, we have more women on the list then any other team at Lewis & Clark. As I said to a fellow coach- they’re all much smarter then I am.


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