June Update

View from Crown Point

It’s been long enough since I posted that I got logged out of WordPress; probably time for a little summer update.  Truthfully, with all the rain it doesn’t feel much like summer.  The local crowd alternates between folks who complain about “juneuary” and old-timers who tell horror stories  about how late in the year the rain has gone before.  I swing between the two groups, but I’m very much looking forward to later this week when the temperatures are supposed to rise into the mid-70’s.

May was full of the aforementioned office time balanced with long rides on a bike to get ready for a stage race that took place last weekend (view from a long wet ride above).  What I found at the race was no matter how much you try to cram training into one month, it doesn’t make up for the two months before that being of questionable quality.  A good reminder for our athletes training this summer– if you take a long spell off, it takes a long time to get back!

I finally cracked the boathouse door again yesterday and did something I haven’t done in a really long time- took a single out for a row.  Fantastic.  The river is way up due to all the rain we’ve been having but behind the Island the debris was gone and flat water abounded.  As I worked on getting my stroke and rhythm back, I was reminded of this quote by an olympic-level coach; “for every combination of pressure and rate there is only one correct speed up the slide.”  This must be the central point of boat feel.  For the ~400-500 or so strokes I took yesterday I think I got about five right.  What a great sport.

Time to throw a leg over the bike again and make my way up to the office.  I’ll work on keeping some posts coming every week or two to keep things active here.

PS-> Big props to Abby Broughton 05′, who with her doubles partner Ursula Grobler-James won the Women’s LW2x at the first stop of the world cup and qualified the boat for the World Championships in New Zealand this November.  Check out the video of their race- it’s the 2nd one in this segment.


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