NCRC Championships Highlights

Some thoughts, four days later, about the best parts of the day for me.

Watching the Men’s team go out again and again and haul ass down the course, beating bigger and more powerful crews and, more importantly, staying in the fight all the way through.  Lewis & Clark only won one race all day– the Men’s light four– but they were there in the medals and in the hunt every time.

Watching the Men’s eight race in general; three fast boats banging heads with each other all the way to the line.  We came out in 3rd but our guys MADE the race; they took it by the throat at half distance and forced everyone else to race up to our level.  We had a bad start and not quite enough speed to cover at the finish this week– but it was a race none of the rowers involved will ever forget, and most of us on shore will remember for a long time as well.

Our Women’s Novice four, starting in 5th and then working steadily up to bronze.  Then those ladies doubling (or tripling!) into the Women’s novice 8, coming through 500 a length down on Western in 4th, and walking all the way through to 3rd, almost all the way through Puget Sound to finish with bronze.  A seat out of 2nd (if that!) and only 4 seats out of 1st.  I was freaking out on shore and can’t wait to see these ladies race again in about ten days (I’m excited to report we’ve already made some breakthroughs in practice. . .).

Finally, one of those awesome team moments.  We were loading boats on the trailer while the last races warmed up when the Willamette University Men’s Varsity four rowed back in with a busted boat.  The call went out- does anyone have a heavy 4 we can use?  Sure.  From the trailer, we pulled out one of our fours, had it in slings and rigged, ready to row in under five minutes.  Total team effort, no one hesitated for a second, and we sent the Willamette guys out to the start line in one of our boats.  The athletes and coaching staff didn’t even blink- we gave an opposing team a boat so they could line up fairly against our guys and the race could get decided on the racecourse.  The moment defined everything that makes me proud to coach this team.

More pictures from the day below!


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