Friendly pieces, with switches.

Vancouver Lake, Spring 2006

I once heard the story of a great coach who never did seat racing- he only did “friendly pieces, with switches”.  Seat racing suggests a winner and a loser- but we’re all on the same team, and all have the same goal of making our team and our boats fast in the end.  So today, we did friendly pieces, with switches, for hopefully one of the final times this spring.

It was good for two reasons- first to help us find the lineups for conference this weekend.  By the end of the practice we were able to answer all the questions I had and more importantly I went away feeling like I gave our athletes great opportunities to demonstrate their talents in a competitive environment.  The situation was also very successful at raising the level of intensity in the practice; we did five pieces between 3-4 minutes and every one was aggressive- that’s the kind of racing that helps us progress and become faster in the end.

Selection to boats is always stressful but handling challenging situations is part of success in competition.  I’m thrilled with the grace and professionalism demonstrated by our young team today.  Now we’re looking forward to the conference race this weekend, and can go forward knowing that we’re maximizing our talents across the squad.


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