In the Trenches

Is a blog with no posts a blog?

Regardless, I noticed a big spike in views Sunday, no doubt looking for a report on Daffodil Cup.  You can find results and my short write-up for the department here.  The short, short version is this– the men rocked it.  Had a great race in the eight, in the varsity four, and the novice four.  Put themselves out there as top conference contenders all the way.  The women learned a LOT with most of them on the course for the first time in their college careers- there was a lot of improvement from the start of the day to the end.  Good stuff all around.

Now we’re back in the trenches and working hard to gain speed.  Meanwhile I’m nose to the grindstone working hard to get the NCRC Invite up and running for this weekend (thus the lack of posts).  Hopefully get a few more updates, and some pictures and the like, over the weekend at least.


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