This morning Lincoln pulled his launch up next to mine as we passed on the river.

“Spring Break!” he yelled.

“Wahoooooo!” I replied.

While not quite the crazy 24-7 party atmosphere stereotypical of spring break we’re having fun.  It’s a lot of practices- we’ve done 4 so far in ~48 hours, with pretty much every practice including some kind of racing.  This afternoon we’ve been blown off for the first time in years; winds gusting to 33 mph will do that to you.  I think the last time we canceled practice for wind here at L&C was fall of 2007.  The women are meeting on campus in about twenty five minutes to do a short, easy recovery workout and some yoga-style stretching.

Tomorrow we’ll do some quick race-prep rows and try to consolidate all our training so far into some race speed.  We’ve had some real flashes of brilliance the last couple days and I’m looking forward to opening our season at Daffodil saturday.

In sad news, I think the video chip in my flip cam died. . .thus very little media from this week, despite taking a lot of video the last few days.


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