Tuesday Racing

Eight and two fours under the Broadway Bridge- 7.2k from the dock.

Today we ran a women’s eight with the men’s fours (plus one pair!)- one of our favorite challenges and a great one to encourage competition and aggressive racing.  Cold temperatures this morning but the racing was plenty warm; the men’s fours kept the challenge on throughout and our women’s eight, with mostly first-year athletes, had a lot to learn on a long row with more than thirty-five minutes of competitive work.

One of the most challenging, and beneficial, issues that crops up when we take a group of four boats downtown is the chaos– traffic noise, curves in the river, fisherman, etc.  Not the best environment for learning skills but one of the very best for developing focus and awareness in a crew.  Racing is more like chaos then controlled harmony, especially early season races in the Pacific Northwest.  There’s a lot to be learned from developing the ability to go hard and fast as soon as the flag drops– regardless of what else happens around you.

Women’s eight under the Broadway.

That said, tomorrow we’re back to technical work.  Racing hard and fast is good, but racing hard and fast while moving the boat is the primary goal.  We have some technical gains to make while the tired bodies recover and absorb the hard work from today.


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