Hard vs. Easy

The paddlers in the picture are working VERY HARD. . . but are they going fast?

The women’s team was on the erg this morning, with a relative simple assignment- 2×20 minutes steady state, then 5×500 meters VERY HARD.  After we talked about the challenge of managing intensity throughout a workout session and throughout a training plan.  What I’ve noticed over the years is too many folks doing their steady state (endurance) style work too fast, then not going hard enough on interval/race style work to ensure a real adaptation response to training.  Essentially, everything becomes ‘hard work’, while very little of it is effective training.

We’ve been working both on the water (using stroke rate) and on the ergs (using both rate and pace) to ensure our steady state stays in the range for a strong aerobic adaptation, while not being fatiguing enough to prevent us from having the power to bust out with some really fast interval training.  Today was all about ensuring that the intervals were fast enough– it should feel like rolling around in barbed wire while gasping for air- to really push the next round of adaptation.  Thursday we’ll do our aerobic capacity test again, three weeks after the first one.  I expect to see some really solid gains, moving us forward into the next cycle of training.

PS- cheap shot to dragon boaters above.  Sorry Katie!

PPS- late edit to add. . . what should it look like?


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