Drive Sequencing

Just getting off a series of incredibly sunny and mild days.  El Nino is the rumor; to me it seemed like February was having an illicit tryst with April.  Not that I’m complaining, mind you- getting out in brilliant sunshine this time of year is fantastic.

The rain is back now and Pioneer Crew is deep into week two of our spring campaign.  I’ve been working with the women’s squad on drive sequencing, and using photos of past Pioneer boats to illustrate.

This is the 2006 2v8 that won the NCRC championships.  You can see they’ve just placed the catch.  While I think there’s a couple folks who have lost some drive early, most everyone is hanging well, pushing hard with the legs, and you can see how clean the bladework is- no extra water flying around.  This is an excellent beginning to a strong drive.

Here’s Meg- stroke of the 1V boat that also won the conference in 2006.  I like to use this picture because I think it’s easy to see how hard she’s pushing with her legs in order to maintain connection on the blade.  Her strong posture is going a long way to supporting the finish and the boat will be running well when she extracts the blade.

This is just a very cool picture of both boats working hard together.  We had a great squad dynamic in 2006 that resulted in everyone striving to improve constantly, pushing the folks around them with a positive, challenging environment.  I see some of the same thing developing this year.


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