Inspiration: Dutch M8+ 1996

We had a great erg workout with both the women’s and the men’s team this morning.  The men did 12×500, partner rest at 6k pace in preparation for a test this Friday, while the women did 8×5′ hard steady state, 2:30 rest- getting folks used to rhythm and flow and working with some of our new folks on the basics while not building up too much fatigue.

Now I’m planning practice for tomorrow in the office and thinking about what I want to get the crews to look like.  I remembered when I was a young high school rower, and the Atlanta 96′ Olympics were going on- watching the Dutch men’s eight take out the field with apparent ease is something hard to forget.  They had such an easy, relaxed flow while pushing out from the field- similar to the US men’s boat in 2004 but with less evident brute strength.

Here’s a training clip of that crew.  If we can look even half as good, we’ll be doing OK.


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