Team Meeting!

Pioneer Crew had our spring team meeting this morning; great to see everyone back on campus and great to get organized to tackle the upcoming season.  I thought I’d share some thoughts from the handout I passed out to the women’s team; the goals I put forth as my own for this year.

My goals for Spring 2010. . .

  • Attitude—group of self-responsible, well-educated, self-motivated athletes.  Be noticeable for your own intensity, dedication, and positive attitude both at and away from practice.
  • Dedication to the concept of a fully successful program, across the board—everyone takes responsibility for every boat (varsity/novice, 1V/2V, eights or fours or pairs).
  • Retention of teammates to fuel the growth of the program (2V8, etc). This year, but also next year, year after, etc.  I want folks to continue rowing because they love the sport, love the team, and have balance in their life.
  • Physical development and improvement throughout the season (measured mostly on ergo)- I want to see your fitness getting better throughout the season and into next year.
  • What does a great program/team mean to you?  My goal is to see you each take responsibility for making this the best Division III rowing program—period (HINT: this is not about race results).

PS- I LOVE Google image search.  Never fails to find me a great intro image.


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