Tuesday Roundup

First day of classes and the place is hopping.  Lewis & Clark is abuzz with students- returning freshman and sophomores are meeting juniors back from abroad, while the seniors are starting out their last semester and looking at their final push to graduation.

Amazing morning today; dry and 55 in the middle of January.  Lenticular clouds over Mt. Hood (looked just like the picture!) as I topped out in Riverview Cemetery– took a moment to take it all in.

Had several conversations with folks today as people have been stopping by to say hello, or in some cases goodbye.  As always this time of year we have folks joining the team, people continuing on, excited and ready to go, and some who over the break have discovered other things have taken priority.  As always, as long as people reach their decision honestly and are happy with what they choose we’ll give them high five and wish them well.  So far the comings and goings have been balanced the numbers seem to be staying the same.  Zen roster management.

Coaches meeting tomorrow.  Time for me to get organized, focused, and fully engaged.


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