What is this team to you?

I had an excellent time yesterday with a very enthusiastic prospective Lewis & Clark Student-Athlete; a young woman who was bright, inquisitive, and seemed to know exactly what she wanted in a college. As I said to her at the end of the visit; today I hope I either got her fired up to come to Lewis & Clark, or made her decide to go somewhere else. As long as we represented ourselves honestly she seemed primed to make the right decision.

Our conversation made me think about how we talk to our athletes about this team.  One of the concepts that maters a lot to me is that the team is exactly what the athletes make it each year.  While I, as coach, can certainly create some of the drive or enthusiasm it’s up to the team to choose to be excellent, to strive for greatness, or not.  And in a certain sense it’s fine either way– as long as we’re doing what we set out to each day, and as long as the athletes understand and commit to the process.

What I hope our athletes understand, and what I tried to get across to our prospective students, is how rewarding and deeply satisfying it is to commit yourself to a goal just beyond your reach, to give your all in the quest, and to succeed, or not, with great people around you.


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