On the ride into work today, saw two cool things that made me think of our time on the river.

The first was three deer swimming from Ross Island over to the east shore. They spotted me approaching and didn’t much like the look of my yellow rain jacket; the trio made a quick 180 and headed back for the Island. I’ve seen deer on the Island before but never in the water; they move quicker then you might think.

Then got caught up in a bike traffic jam behind a lift of the Hawethorne Bridge for one of the gravel barges we deal with regularly on the river. Fun to stop on a not-so-cold, calm and dry morning and take in the view of the river from the bridge. Also interesting to contemplate how daily life in the city still regularly stops for river traffic.

Had a great conversation today with one of our athletes who’s back from her fall abroad trip; at the same time hearing from lots of our athletes that they’re getting ready to head home for break. Folks are excited to see family and have some down time; me as well. Probably won’t post often again till’ January– have a wonderful holiday season and we’ll see you on the other side.


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