Into Finals

Today is the penultimate day of classes up at Lewis & Clark; I had a fun breakfast with some of the women’s team members this morning and was glad to see many of them were coming back from a workout. With reading period starting Thursday and finals starting on Saturday this is an academically stressful time of year. In my humble professional opinion there is no greater study aid then the quickie erg. I have memories of long days in the library during reading period; three and four hours reading or writing papers. At the end you feel fuzzy headed and mentally locked up.

I used to go straight from the library to the erg room, pull 2×20′ or some such, just to open up the mind. I always found these workouts to be great thinking opportunities. Often when I found that a paper wasn’t quite right stepping back and working out let me think through the premise or the information and go back to it with renewed focus. For whatever reason the erg was the perfect foil to studying for me; simple, uncomplicated, timeless.

Regardless, best of luck to all our student-athletes with their finals!


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