Gorgeous Fall Day

There’s nothing like the Pacific Northwest sunbreak after a week or so of rain; it’s wonderful outside right now with all the roads drying out and everyone walking around with their heads turned up towards the light. I spent the morning moving launches into their winter storage; very happy to be doing so in the daylight rather then in the rain!

Been having good conversations with recruits the last week or so. One of the main points I’m trying to get across to folks right now is the opportunities available at Lewis & Clark; athletic, academic, and exploration wise. When compared to other rowing programs I hope we offer a more complete educational environment that encourages excellence and experience in all facets of life. To me the point is not to participate in rowing so that it takes over your life, but rather to have it enrich and expand your world.

The goal is to graduate folks after four years with a great education, excellent experiences from around the world, and hopefully their most meaningful challenges and triumphs having taken place on the river in the presence of their best friends.


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