Wet roads, good company

Solid fall weather up on Palatine Hill today; wet fog, misting rain, wet roads all the way up on the ride to work today. I debuted my new, longer ride– my old route was 40-44 minutes, depending on traffic lights. I’ve been wanting a slightly longer workout, so I plotted a new route and tested it today- sixty minutes on the nose, with less time spent sitting at lights, and a nice stretch along the river to keep me in touch with the water as we close up shop for winter.

Before the ride I met with most of the women’s team for a winter training breakfast and distributed our recommendations for a solid winter program. This is Division III– we cannot require anyone to train outside of our playing & practice season. There are downsides to this, most notably the lack of contact between coaches and the team (sad!). But the upside is the great educational opportunity for our athletes to develop their own work ethic and knowledge of training over the course of the next three months. I’ve done my best to provide the team with all the tools they need; now it’s up to them to run with it. I was very encouraged today by how many small training groups were forming within the team; we also had a report that the whole men’s team was at it in the weight room this morning. Good company makes consistent training easy.

Next task: clean up and prepare the erg room for the winter season!


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