Portland Fall Classic

I had a great time at the Fall Classic on Sunday; Station L Rowing Club and Rose City Rowing Club ran a fantastic event. We provided three launches and ran the start marshal area; the best part was being able to stay on shore with the athletes for the duration of the event and ride my bike down the Springwater Corridor, following the races from the start to about halfway down. I took plenty of photos but they didn’t really turn out, so I’ll direct you instead to Row2k’s excellent gallery.

Our crews rowed well, which was the primary goal for the event. The men’s team choose to boat up a fast four as their priority boat and raced to within eleven seconds of Oregon State’s top four freshman- a solid performance. Our women’s team took on the open eight and faced up to some very quick competition, but we succeeded in our goal to stay composed, stay long (rate ~26 throughout), and maintain our technique. Maybe not the absolute fastest piece we could have rowed but we 100% succeeded in capitalizing on the learning we’ve done this fall and set ourselves up for a great start to spring season.

The athletic department write up is here.

And now fall’s done, and I woke up this morning with a huge rainstorm to announce the start of winter. Time to spend some days in the office, clean up the erg room and fix up all our ergs, and meet with folks Thursday at breakfast to talk about winter training.

I’ll be posting less frequently for the next month or two, but will try to keep the updates coming 1-2 days per week.


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