Off the Mic

Sorry for the time between posts– I’ve (personally) been rather busy and while I keep thinking up good topics to blog about, by the time I get to the office or home from practice things pop up. A lame excuse, one I’d probably hassle our athletes about.

Good row with the novices this afternoon. We worked hard on exploring the limits of what “HARD” is– tapping into the sense of how much a person can put into ten strokes. This was preceded by a lot of work on front end, posture, and connection. The risk of asking someone to go very, very hard is that they’ll try to take the load without connecting on the feet– if that happens back pain results. By focusing on the posture first and making sure they locked the catches in well, we ensured that the power transmitted through to the water instead and saw some great run in the boat as a result.

More to follow. Last two weeks of fall are upon us, and racing is near at hand.

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