News from the Trenches

Getting into the swing of things now, establishing my rhythm alternating between practices. Mornings with the varsity, afternoons with the novice, morning with the varsity, afternoon with the sculling class, repeat. Waking up is easier, less coffee needed, and the rowing is coming along very nicely.

Today I took the experienced women out all in sculling boats; except for one athlete they all had prior experience. We were able to make some very good progress and soon we’ll have them out in doubles frequently– I foresee a couple mornings a week in doubles, working both sculling skills but more importantly the boat feel and direct drive application that sculling offers.

Yesterday the novice had a very fun day– cooler, the river traffic was down, windy, so there was some excitement and challenge to stay organized, and more importantly progress; the rowing is getting to the point where we can try to row full boat for short periods of time and that always makes things more exciting. We had a four out that did a great job of teaching themselves how to row together; after a couple of failed attempts to find synchronization they stopped, talked among themselves, and figured out a rhythm. It was cool to back off and watch them teach each other.

Big team practice planned for Saturday– stay tuned!


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