Much Rowing

Wow, another week done and almost no media to show for it. Each day I go to the boathouse and mean to take pictures or video to show off what we’re doing but each practice has been so busy, fun, and fast paced that the thought has completely cleared my mind. With the start of our official team practices next week I’ll look to do better.

The beginning rowing class has been on the water both Wednesday and Friday now; good rows both days with lots of excitement. Especially today, as 90 degree plus weather and what was probably the last hot Friday of this fall made for some. . . well, let’s just say bouncy river conditions. I think folks handled it well and despite the challenge we’re seeing some great potential among the class. Many of these folks are pursuing the opportunity of joining our team and I’m looking forward to showing them the competitive side of the sport!

The sculling class went out Thursday for flip tests; I REALLY wanted to take video of this but promised I wouldn’t. I can assure you all it was entertaining, but more importantly it’s an great confidence building step on the way to being comfortable in small boats. By not being afraid of the eventuality of flipping, athletes are able to focus more completely on their rowing and achieve a greater level of skill.

Looking forward to a glorious September Portland weekend; some good bike rides and social events planned and then straight into our team practices and the true kickoff of the Pioneer Crew 2009-2010 season!


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