Pio Fair to Rowing Day 1

Been a little while since the last post– last week was spent pretty frantically, trying to stay ahead of everything that needed doing. I feel mostly caught up now but that’s only after a very restful Labor Day weekend that came just at the right time.

Ending last week we participated in the full on Pio Fair, now in its 4th year at Lewis & Clark. All of the sports were asked to come up with a fun activity that everyone could participate in. So we figured, what’s more fun then racing 100 meters all out on an erg?

Everyone was invited to come sit down next to a current rower and race the hundred all out. Beat a current rower, win a t-shirt, and maybe get talked to just a bit about the opportunities available in rowing.

I think most everyone had a good time.

Today is rowing day one– the first day out on the water for the fall semester. The Beginning Rowing course is headed out today; we’ll look to do some pretty easy rowing in the quad to start things off, just getting a feel for people’s experience.


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