The Lowe is Dead. Long Live the Lowe.

The Lowe is the launch pictured above, driven by her most recent faithful attendant, our ever-patient volenteer coach Jim, who for the last two years has bailed out the gallons of water that leaked in before practice every morning.

She was purchased March 22nd, 1991 with the help of a grant from the Beaver Crew Association.**

She was used (abused) faithfully by Lewis & Clark Crew for 18 years.

Traded in today for a value of $100 (One Hundred) for the trailer and $0 (Zero) for the boat, bound for the recycling yard.

Let us all stand and salute a life well lived.

On a more outstanding note– the freshman have arrived and campus is hopping! I know among the crowd exist future standouts and stalwart teammates, waiting to discover the sport. I’m excited to meet them and very excited to get out on the water!

**- Bonus content after receiving the following from Peter, L&C Alum, coach, and general all around supporter of our program for many years;

“I remember when Charlie Brown first drove the new Lowe downriver to the old boathouse after launching it at Willamette Park. Our previous launches had 9.9 and 15hp motors.

He left the thing at full throttle, until he almost hit the dock, and Charlie had that wide toothy, cheesy grin going, which is the expression I most like to remember. . .”



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