Thoughts roundup Wednesday

Good post this morning on Vern Gambetta’s blog– he’s an athletic development coach and author who’s thinking often meshes with mine. Check it out.

I attended a wedding this weekend for an athlete I coached from raw novice up through four years of highly successful college rowing. As I caught up with her and with all her teammates from those years I reflected on how often their efforts inspired me to give better efforts as a coach. The best teams have that synergy of trust– the coach trusting in the athletes desire to improve while the athletes trust in the coaches desire to help them succeed.

After a couple of years of staying away I finally gave into Facebook. As of now, I’m not “freinding” current athletes. Why? Mostly to keep a sense of professional distance, I think. That said, it’s been a lot of fun catching up with alumni and old freinds, which I think is the main point of the service.

We had the Division of Student Life retreat downtown yesterday. While it put me a little behind on work I was greatful to meet many of the other staff members who contriubte to the student expereince here at Lewis & Clark and to consider ways to enhance what we do by working with all of them.

It rained this morning while I was coaching at Lake Oswego. . . I’d forgotten what that was like.


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