Nice practice this morning with the Lake Oswego masters group. It was a study in contrast with two boats out– an eight and a single. I captured a few shots of the fantastic water with my new camera.

With the single everything I worked on involved slowing down, working the basic sensitivity of balance and the finer points of bladework. Because the single is such a responsive boat the main challenge is to get the sculler to take a risk– challenge themselves to be a little longer, a little sharper even if it’s a little more unstable.

With the eight the work was all focused on connection and creating a dynamic acceleration through the drive. In the eight the sensations each rower feels are more muted. By using drills such as feet out and pair add in I tried to give each athlete the sense of the effect they were having on the run of the boat. We made some breakthroughs today and the balance and run was much improved at the end of the day.


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