Went for another nice row with Max this morning– a perfect way to start the day. About 65 degrees, sunny, very little wind, just pushing the boat along. It’s been a long time since I rowed on even a semi-regular schedule. I’m realizing it’s healthy to reconnect with my own skills in the sport as a basis for how to talk to the team about their rowing.

Today I was playing a bit with my grip on the blade. A strong hang on the drive and a light, easy carry up the recovery is the hallmark of good grip. I started to get several strokes again today where I could feel the water touch the blade on the recovery but had no disturbance in the run; good stuff. I still need to do quite a bit to get the finish cleaned up; not the best part of my stroke right now.

Were I coaching myself, I’d say: “Self, you have excellent connection on the front end. However, you’re lifting water as you turn the blade a little early during the extraction. Concentrate on holding the release against the footboard and pushing the blade out of the water square.”

So that’s what I’ll work on next time.


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