This word and concept popped into my head this morning. Denoument is a concept I remember from my high school English days and I think it well reflects the last couple of weeks.

I spent yesterday cleaning out our launch dock and prepping our launches to come out for the summer. It’s a big summer in the launch world. First two of our boats will be used for the Junior and then Masters Regionals regattas; big three-day races up at Vancouver Lake. As one of the Portland clubs we help support much of what goes on behind the scenes at these races. I’m headed up today to take up a launch and tomorrow to take up another and help set up the racecourse.

The next thing that will happen is the retirement of the Lowe, a 16+ year old aluminum hull that’s been a faithful workhorse of our program but has reached the end of it’s useful life (it leaks. A lot). In replacement we’re getting our first wakeless launch. Given that there’s some significant progress being made in turning the back channel behind Ross Island into a wakeless zone this is potentially a much more significant move then I first anticipated when we started talking about this a year ago. The sailing launch, an older Boston Whaler, will also be replaced with a flat-bottom Jon boat similar to the ones we now use. When all this is done we’ll have four very usable, very reliable launches every day. I’m not sure what we’ll do with ourselves without having to spend ten minutes pumping water out each morning.

Meanwhile work in the office has turned towards recruiting novices from the incoming freshman class and starting to identify expereinced prospects for matriculation in Fall of 2010. The nature of working at a college is that everything is seaonal. As one season ends we move on to the next.

The nice thing is that all of this takes up much less time then practice so I’m finding time to recharge my batteries as well; the bike has found the road again, and with nice weather forecast for this weekend I’m looking forward to some time on the back porch in the sunshine.


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