Post Conference

And now, a day later.

Our Men’s team had an excellent day, went for the win with all guns blazing, and with only eight rowers and one cox tied Western Washington for 2nd. The tie-breaker is the finish of the Varsity 8, where they also finished behind Western, so we earned a hard-fought 3rd place. Six of the eight raced three times and the team medaled in every event entered. A really gutsy and excellent performance.

The Women’s team had a more challenging outing. We never hit our stride and aside from a few bright spots (a win in the pair, a really solid fifth-place outing for a novice four that’s been through a heck of a lot this year) the finishes were well short of what we expected. What do you say? We talked afterward about owning it. You have to look the bad races in the face, no excuses and no regrets, learn from it, and move forward. We’ll be back on the erg for the last time Monday and fully intend to go to WIRA with the intent to better represent what we believe we can do than our finishes yesterday showed.

Today was good therapy to soothe a tired coach; a really nice bike ride in ~70 degree weather, nice lunch at a new sandwitch place, and now realaxing at home. Whatever the race result I’m very fortunate to do what I do and work with these atheltes and coaches.

No excuses, no regrets.


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