Slow Down to Get Fast

Took out two Women’s fours today, the JV4 and Varsity 4, and took things real slow. Started off with a relaxed warm-up with pause drills and then went into a 3×10′ steady state workout with rates in the 18-22 range. The result was excellent. Hit some really good rhythm and made some significant breakthroughs in both timing and letting the boat run. After our final spin we did about 1500m of leapfrog up to racing pace and it was very cool to see the relaxed flow of the steady state translate into increased run and better timing at the racing rate.

As a coach it can be hard to slow down, especially when a big race is on the line just a few days away. It was very worth it today. The athletes came away from practice better rested and I hope with a sense of technical acomplishment that should translate directly into better speed over the full course Saturday. It was good reminder to me that going faster and harder is not always the best option.


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