Race Prep Tuesday

With the conference championships just four days away this mornings practice was devoted to race preparations. The men’s team took out two even fours and threw down some intense four minute pieces; Lincoln was making switches throughout to keep the guys on their toes. Interesting results, good racing, and the constant challenge of adaptation looks to have the guys ready for their racing Saturday.
The women’s 8 went out for a grueling workout; three sets of twenty on, 10 off, times six. The on was above race pace. We were working on both the physical aspect of developing quickness and power off the front end, as well as the psycological challenge of going to maximum pressure each time we started a new twenty and trusting in the boat to go together. A hard day but a good one.

We spun just upstream of the railroad bridge near Lake Oswego and were treated to quite a show; a Steller Sea Lion had just captured a large salmon. It was tearing the fish to pieces and chomping them down. It was an incredible display of power and not terribly appetizing; raw salmon for breakfast is not my thing.

Video of both the row and a poor shot of fifteen seconds of Sea Lion is below.

Tuesday 4-14 from Sam Taylor on Vimeo.


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